John Barton,
George E. Osborne Professor of Law, Emeritus, Stanford Law School.

Paul Goldstein,
Stella W. and Ira S. Lillick Professor of Law, Stanford Law School.

Henry T. Greely,
Professor of Law and Director, Center for Law and the Biosciences, Stanford Law School, and Professor of Genetics (by courtesy), School of Medicine, Stanford

Lawrence Lessig,
Professor of Law and Director, Center for Internet and Society, Stanford Law School

Margaret Jane Radin, William Benjamin Scott and Luna M. Scott Professor of Law; Director, Stanford Program in Law, Science & Technology, Stanford Law School


Volume I, Issue #1, October 2003 (Web and Email edition)

(Printable PDF version of LST @ Stanford.)

Articles in this month's issue include:

From the Director of the Program in Law, Science & Technology…

Incoming LLM Students
Look to Build Upon First-Year Successes of Program

"The Cutting Edge of Technology Law and Corporate Governance"
Fenwick & West Reception/Seminar for Advanced Degree Students



Professor Henry T. Greely
Greely Discusses the new Center for Law and the Biosciences



New Student Group to Focus on Law and Biotechnology

Visiting Professor Mark Lemley
Renowned IP and Antitrust Scholar Mark A. Lemley Visits Stanford Law School

Stanford Law and Technology Association
Students, Professors, and Industry Partners Flock to SLATA

Packets 1.1
A bi-monthly publication written by members of SLATA



Media X
Begins its Gradual Takeover of Stanford's Campus



"You Can't Sue Me (Here)!"
Questions of Jurisdiction in a Global Marketplace

E-Commerce Best Business Practices
Leaders in the Silicon Valley Legal Community Come to Stanford to Discuss E-commerce Best Business Practices Project

Free Software Licensing and the GNU General Public License
A Seminar by the Free Software Foundation



Securing Privacy in the Internet Age
A Stanford Law School Symposium

Cybersecurity, Research and Disclosure
Upcoming Conference to Explore Relationship Between Computer Security, Privacy, and Disclosure of Information About Security Vulnerabilities




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