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Compelling a Witness to Testify

In this Q&A, Professor David Sklansky discusses recent events in the ongoing investigation of Russian interference in the U.S. 2016 elections––and the legal tools available to investigators to compel witnesses to testify. 

SLS 125 Anniversary

Stanford Law School marks the 125th anniversary of its founding with a year of celebration and reflection on the school’s impact on the world.

Marijuana: States vs. Federal Law

Will federal enforcement of criminal statutes thwart efforts in California to commercialize pot? In this Q&A, Professor Rob MacCoun discusses Attorney General Sessions' decision to rescind an Obama-era policy that, in effect, allowed state laws regarding marijuana use to trump federal law.

Miriam Rivera: Changing the Venture Capital Diversity Equation

Miriam Rivera, former Google deputy general counsel, discusses her career path to co-founding Ulu Ventures, which funds some of the most diverse groups of entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley.

Upcoming Events @ SLS

January 22: Is Administrative Law Unlawful? A Roundtable Discussion with Philip Hamburger
January 23: Jon Michaels Book Talk on Privatization’s Threat to the American Republic
January 23: Stanford Center for Internet and Society Privacy Counsel Lunch Series: Janis Kestenbaum and Rebecca Engrav
January 23: Federalist Society: Philip Hamburger on Administrative Law
January 25: Center for Law and Biosciences Lunch Talk with Professor Michelle Mello
January 25: Federalist Society: Carlos Bea on Administrative Overreach
January 26: Lunch Panel with District Court Judges
January 29: Opioid Crisis: Discussion with Keith Humphreys, Rob MacCoun and Jennifer Hah
January 29: The Emerging Field of Digital Health Practice
January 29: The Three Lives of James Madison: A Constitutional Conversation with Noah Feldman
January 31: Policing the Black Man with Angela Davis
January 31: Federalist Society: Clark Neily on Civil Asset Forfeiture
January 31: Marshall Small Lecture – In a Complex and Uncertain World: The Shorter and Longer-Term Outlook for the U.S. Economy and Our Political System
June 24-26: Directors' College

Access full event calendar here.

125th Anniversary

  • What stands out in your memory as quintessential SLS? Click here to share your favorite SLS moments, memories, and impressions.
  • Check out the SLS 125 video.

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