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Examination of U.S. Drug Laws

Professor George Fisher's new book Beware Euphoria: The Moral Roots and Racial Myths of America's War on Drugs, explores the roots of America's moral obsession with drug regulation, with a historical examination of the nation's racialized fear of intoxication.

Dartmouth Basketball Union Vote

Professor William B. Gould IV discusses the implications of and driving forces behind the potentially game-changing decision by the NLRB to approve a union vote for the Dartmouth men's basketball team.

Associate Dean of Student Affairs

John Dalton, JD ‘09, has been appointed Associate Dean of Student Affairs. Dalton moves into this role following a year as the Director of Academic Success at SLS, where he provided academic support and counseling, as well as bar advising.

Stealing a Presidential Election

In this New York Times opinion essay, Matthew Seligman, JD '11 (BA/BS/MA '02), a fellow at the Stanford Constitutional Law Center, and his co-author Harvard Law professor Lawrence Lessig, discuss their work looking at "every strategy we could imagine for subverting the popular will by manipulating the law."

Jessica Verran-Lingard

A Stanford Lawyer profile of Jessica Verran-Lingard, JD/MBA ’15, associate principal counsel for legal and business affairs at Lucasfilm

Latest Episode of Stanford Legal Podcast

Stanford Law School welcomes back the classes of 1974, 1979, 1984, 1989, 1994, 1999, 2004, 2009, 2014, 2019 and 2023. We will also induct the class of 1969 into the Golden Gavel Society.

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More Than Just a Game (MTJG) is a unique series of academic-led conferences on Games and Interactive Entertainment Law. MTJG Stanford 2024 aims to bring together the interactive entertainment community, leading industry players and pioneers in the U.S. and build bridges through forward-looking and insightful discussions on pressing issues such as trust and safety, player protection, anti-trust/competition law, UGC, and generative AI and a keynote from Shawn Layden, the former head of Sony Interactive.

March 1, 2024
8:30 am - 5:00 pm PST, followed by a reception
Stanford Law School, Room 290
Organizer -  Stanford Program in Law, Science & Technology

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Upcoming Events

February 14: The Human Rights Dimensions of Generative AI: Guiding the Way Forward
February 15: Future of AI: Arbitral regulations shall increase the use of AI in dispute proceedings
February 16-17: Stanford Law Review Volume 76 Symposium: Speech at Twenty-First Century Schools and Universities
February 20: Law & History Workshop Series Presents: Tom Johnson
February 28: First Time Publishing in Legal History
February 29: Judicial Review in Times of Emergency: From the Founding through the COVID-19 Pandemic
March 1: More than Just a Game
March 1: Interim measures in institutional arbitration versus ad hoc
March 5: Law & History Workshop Series Presents: Gabrielle Braxton
March 5: Race, Originalism, and Affirmative Action

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