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Writers' Strike and AI

Professor Paul Goldstein on the Hollywood writers' strike and the growing portent of AI-generated entertainment.

San Francisco's Self-Driving Cars

Professor Robert Rabin discusses liability and negligence issues, a possible new liability framework, and how tort law may develop for autonomous vehicles.

California's Continuing Water Issues

In this Time article Professor Buzz Thompson discusses California's history of droughts, "weather whiplash," and the need for the state to continue to plan for water usage even after a rainy year.

Leaded Aviation Fuel Mandate

In this Hill opinion essay, Stephanie Safdi, a clinical supervising attorney for the Stanford Environmental Law Clinic, discusses the clinic's work looking at dangerous aviation leaded fuel in communities located near small airports and plans by Congress to allow continued use of polluting fuel types.

Getting to Know South Carolina's U.S. Attorney

In this Stanford Lawyer profile, South Carolina's U.S. Attorney Adair Ford Boroughs, JD ’07, discusses her work and career.

Constitution Day Lecture with Rabbi Meir Soloveichik

As president of the Constitutional Convention, and as president of the nascent United States, Washington received several letters from members of the tiny American Jewish community. These fascinating letters tell us a great deal about the way in which Jews saw the promise of the Constitution; and the astounding way in which Washington responded allows us to better understand the essence of the American idea, and what we commemorate on Constitution Day in our age.

September 12, 2023
5:00-6:00 PM | Lecture
6:00-7:00 PM | Reception
This event will be in-person only. 
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Upcoming Events

September 12: George Washington’s Jewish Letters and the Creation of a Constitutional Republic
September 25: Stanford Lawyers for a Sustainable Economy Initiative – Inflation Reduction Act Webinar Series, Part III
October 2: 2023 Stanford Bright Award for Environmental Sustainability
October 4: Supreme Court Roundup and Preview
October 9: Who am I to Judge? Judicial Craft versus Constitutional Theory 
October 24: Does Section 3 Trump the Voters?
November 8: The Second Founding: Reconstruction and America’s First Struggle for Racial Equality
November 13: Stanford AI Symposium
November 15: Natural Rights at the Founding: A Constitutional Conversation with Jud Campbell

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