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Allocating COVID-19 Resources

Using data science to identify disparities in testing, Professor Daniel Ho and Stanford scholars helped expand outreach in a community affected disproportionately by the pandemic.

Countering 9/11 Muslim Prejudices

In this San Francisco Chronicle profile, Professor Shirin Sinnar discusses how the attacks of 9/11 inspired her to connect with a small group of attorneys and law students who together formed the Bay Area Association of Muslim Lawyers and the outreach that she did in the Bay Area.

Texas Abortion Law

Professor Diego Zambrano on the new Texas abortion law, how it avoids court review, and the scope of injunctive relief.

California Wildfires

Professor Buzz Thompson discusses California’s wildfires, drought, water, and climate change.

Taliban Challenges

In this Bloomberg Law opinion essay, Mehdi J. Hakimi, the executive director of the SLS Rule of Law Program, shares his insights into the challenges facing the Taliban in governing a new Afghanistan.
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Notice Regarding Events

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September 16: The Value of Dissent: Constitution Day Lecture with Judge Patrick J. Bumatay
September 22: Constitutional Conversation with Julie Owono
September 30: Anticorruption Developments Under the Biden Administration
October 5: Why the Crime Rate May Not Measure Community Safety
October 6: Supreme Court Roundup and Preview

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