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A P R I L  8,  2 0 2 1

Alternatives to Police Interventions

A report on non-police approaches to mental health and homeless crises, school discipline, and traffic violations demonstrates public safety benefits, especially for vulnerable communities.

Why Classifying Crimes Matters

Professor David Sklansky discusses his book A Pattern of Violence: How the Law Classifies Crimes and What It Means for Justice in this TIME op-ed and Stanford Lawyer article.

Google’s SCOTUS Win

Professor Mark Lemley weighs in on the recent SCOTUS decision that ruled Google's use of Oracle code in its Android OS was not copyright infringement in this NPR Marketplace segment.

Vaccine Passports?

Professor David Studdert discusses COVID-19 vaccination passports and the law in this co-authored op-ed for the New England Journal of Medicine.

Health Insurance, Law & Contracts

Professor Michael Genesereth, research director of SLS's CodeX, discusses the health insurance ecosystem today as a world of contracts and indecipherable "sludge" and suggests that the use of computable contracts technology can help mitigate this problem.
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Notice Regarding Events

SLS has cancelled or postponed on-campus events for the spring. Registered attendees for canceled events have/will receive emails with details. Please check the SLS Calendar for the current list of scheduled events.

April 12: A Pattern of Violence: How the Law Classifies Crime and What It Means for Justice
April 13: The Paranoid Style, Past and Present
April 15: The Office of the Solicitor General with Former Acting Solicitor General Jeffrey Wall
April 27: Dispute System Design – Book Launch with Janet Martinez
April 29: Publius Symposium with Jamal Greene: How Rights Went Wrong: Why Our Obsession with Rights is Tearing America Apart
April 30: Stakeholder Governance: From Theory to Practice

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