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Hate Crimes and Georgia Shooting

Professor Shirin Sinnar discusses the rise of hate crimes in the U.S., the effect politicians’ speech has on the population—and how law and governmental programs can help to mitigate it.

California Water Market

Professor Buzz Thompson discusses water and the economics of trading this essential resource—three months after the first market trades of California water futures.

Mass Shootings and Gun Control

Professor John Donohue discusses the two recent mass shootings, U.S. gun laws, and President Biden's gun control plans.

COVID and Big Data

A new study co-authored by Professor Daniel Ho finds that the most widely used mobility database for COVID analysis under-counts older people and especially older people of color.

COVID and School Reopenings

Professor William Koski discusses school reopening and the challenges facing districts, from legal issues to infrastructure problems.
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Join Us For A Virtual Book Discussion
Theaters Of Pardoning by Bernadette Meyler

Published in The Series Corpus Juris:
The Humanities in Politics and Law by Cornell University Press

Monday, March 29
12:15 pm–1:45 pm EST

Book Discussion Participants:
Martha Minow, Harvard Law School
Lorna Hutson, University of Oxford
Christopher Warren, Carnegie Mellon University

Bernadette Meyler, Stanford Law School

Elizabeth S. Anker, Cornell University & Corpus Juris

Register for the Zoom event at

Cornell University Press •

Notice Regarding Events

SLS has cancelled or postponed on-campus events for the winter. Registered attendees for canceled events have/will receive emails with details. Please check the SLS Calendar for the current list of scheduled events.

March 29: Book discussion: Bernadette Meyler's Theaters of Pardoning
March 30: Fireside Chat with the Brazilian Data Protection Commissioner Miriam Wimmer
April 1: Justice, Justice Thou Shalt Pursue: Book Talk with Professors Amanda L. Tyler and Anne Joseph O’Connell
April 7: Executive Orders: What Are the Constitutional Limits?
April 8: CodeX FutureLaw 2021
April 12: A Pattern of Violence: How the Law Classifies Crime and What It Means for Justice
April 13: The Paranoid Style, Past and Present
April 29: Publius Symposium with Jamal Greene: How Rights Went Wrong: Why Our Obsession with Rights is Tearing America Apart
April 30: Stakeholder Governance: From Theory to Practice

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