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Growing Federal Vacancies Problem

In this Washington Post essay, Professor Anne Joseph O'Connell discusses the challenges facing the Biden administration because of vacant positions and why vacancies have consequences.

School Mask Mandates

Professors Michelle Mello and David Studdert weigh in on the judicial and political battles now being waged over mask mandates in schools in this opinion essay first published in the JAMA Health Forum.

Finding Hope During Drought

Stanford water experts, including Professor Barton “Buzz” Thompson, 
discuss lessons learned from previous droughts, imperatives for infrastructure investment, and reasons for hope in this arid era.

COVID-19 Contact Tracing

A new study in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences by Stanford's RegLab, led by Professor 
Daniel Ho, describes how the team applied machine learning to transform contact tracing in Santa Clara County—and narrowed the health gap between the county’s Latino and other communities.

Faculty Awards and Appointments

Professor Shirin Sinnar was recently appointed to the American Law Institute and Professor Michael McConnell was awarded the fifth annual Thomas M. Cooley Book Prize for his book “The President Who Would Not Be King: Executive Power Under the Constitution.”
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Celebration of Life for
Barbara Allen Babcock

Please join the Stanford Law School Community in celebrating the life of Professor Barbara Allen Babcock.

Friday, November 12
4:00-5:00 pm
Paul Brest Hall

If you cannot join us in-person, please feel free to watch the livestream, which can be found here.

Notice Regarding Events

SLS has limited on-campus events. Registered attendees for in-person and virtual events have/will receive emails with details. Please check the SLS Calendar for the current list of scheduled events.

November 5: Imagining Justice: American Indian Tribal Laws of Criminal Responsibility
November 12: Celebration of Life for Barbara Allen Babcock
November 12: 18th Annual Stanford Digital Economy Best Practices
November 18: Judicial Courage
November 18: Startups Going Remote: Evaluating and Navigating the Shift to a Permanently Hybrid or Fully Distributed Workforce
November 30: Stanford Computational Policy Lab Debtors’ Prisons Project

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