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Biden Inauguration

Professors Deborah Sivas and Jayashri Srikantiah weigh in on President Joe Biden's policy priorities for immigration and the environment.

Eviction Ban

Professor Juliet Brodie, director of the SLS Community Law Clinic, discusses the many challenges facing low-income tenants—particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic in this CNN op-ed.

Guns, Militias, and Insurrection

After the attack of the Capitol of January 6, questions have been raised about guns, militias, and hate groups. Here, Professor John Donohue discusses gun laws in the U.S. and the potential for armed insurrection.

SLS and Santa Clara Partnership

Stanford's RegLab, directed by Professor Daniel Ho, and the Stanford Future Bay Initiative have teamed up with Santa Clara County for a wide-ranging collaboration aimed at helping the county meet the COVID-19 challenges.

Social Media Deplatforming

SLS Lecturer in Law Daphne Kellerwho directs the Program on Platform Regulation at Stanford’s Cyber Policy Center, discusses social media deplatforming in this The Hill op-ed.
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Notice Regarding Events

SLS has cancelled or postponed on-campus events for the winter. Registered attendees for canceled events have/will receive emails with details. Please check the SLS Calendar for the current list of scheduled events.

February 3: Global Talent Flows in AI and Their Implications for the United States
February 10: Rock Center Morning Series: Evaluating ESG Risks, Opportunities, and Challenges in the M&A Context
February 10: Legal Tech and the Future of Civil Justice
February 16: Federal Ground: Governing Property and Violence in the First U.S. Territories
February 18: A Conversation about Bipartisanship with Russ Feingold
February 23: The Complex Adaptive Legal System: An Empirical Research Agenda
February 24: Practicing Constitutional Law in Private Practice
March 9: Ethics and Governance for Digital Disease Surveillance

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