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Prop 22

Professor William Gould discusses California's Proposition 22, which would classify app-based, “gig economy” drivers as independent contractors and not employees or agents—reversing California law.

American Militias

With the end of a contentious presidential campaign nearing, and the country entering a second wave of COVID-19, Homeland Security officials and the FBI have issued warnings of potential attacks at home. Here, Professor Gregory Ablavsky discusses the history of militias in the U.S. and their legality.

Guarding Democracy

This Stanford Lawyer article explores the essential work that democracy of law and voting rights expert Professor Nate Persily is engaged in during the lead-up to the November elections.

Sanctuary Cities

new study looks at sanctuary cities and deportations—and finds that sanctuary policies really do protect immigrants, and do not cause additional harm to public safety.

Counting the Ballots

An update from Stanford Law's Healthy Elections Project looks at potential challenges in the coming election including mail-in ballot signature verification and polling stations.
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Notice Regarding Events

SLS has cancelled or postponed on-campus events for the fall. Registered attendees for canceled events have/will receive emails with details. Please check the SLS Calendar for the current list of scheduled events.

Here we highlight online events:
October 27: Democracy Matters: U.S. Health Policy in the COVID-19 Era & Beyond
October 27: Qualified Immunity
October 29: Conference on Racial Equity in Corporate Governance: How Can We Increase Racial Diversity in the C-Suite and Boardroom?
November 5: Racial Disparities in Automated Speech Recognition

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