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Dean Jenny Martinez

Stanford Lawyer magazine profiles SLS Dean Jenny Martinez, who joined the faculty in 2003 and stepped into her new role on April 1 of 2019.

New Online Data Privacy Laws

Jen King, Director of Privacy at SLS' Center for Internet and Society, explains California's new law that regulates consumer online data privacy—and why regulation of our personal data is important.

Direct Listing or IPO?

What are the key differences between an IPO and a direct listing? And what are the tradeoffs involved in this new approach? Find out more in this discussion with Professor Joe Grundfest.

Youth, Education, and Law

Professor Bill Koski discusses his work with the SLS Youth and Education Law Project and important cases, past and present.

Listen to Professor Koski discuss Law and Access to Education on the Stanford Legal podcast

Stanford Legal on SiriusXM Radio channel 132

Stanford Legal, co-hosted by Professors Pamela Karlan and Joseph Bankman, can now be found on SiriusXM channel 132. It is also available on iTunes and SoundCloud. Listen and subscribe to the podcast here.

Click here to listen to the latest episodes: View past recordings on YouTube and Facebook.

Stanford Legal airs Saturdays and Sundays, bi-weekly on SiriusXM channel 132.

Upcoming Events @ SLS

January 21: Crime and Democracy
January 21: Drug Policy Reform: Past, Present & Future with Ethan Nadelmann
January 23: Why Aren’t There More Women Leaders in Law?
January 27: Is Intellectual Property Property? A Debate Between Mark Lemley & Richard Epstein
February 4: The (W)hole Story: Using NLP to Study Gaps in Commercial Contracts
February 4: The Imagined States of America: The Unmanifest History of Nineteenth-Century North America
February 6: Circuit Judge Panel: The American Judicial System

Access full event calendar here.

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