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Power of Pardons

Professor Bernadette Meyler's new book, Theaters of Pardoning, sheds light on this powerful tool that dates back to the British monarchy and the “godly” rights of kings. But has the pardon stood the test of time?

California's Vaccination Laws

Professor Michelle Mello discusses California's vaccine laws, which are among the toughest in the nation—even more so since Governor Gavin Newsom signed a new law in September that gives the state stronger powers to reject suspicious medical exemptions for vaccines.

Tort Damages and Race, Gender, and Ethnicity

Professors Nora Freeman Engstrom and Robert Rabin discuss a new California law that prohibits reductions of damages for lost future earnings in personal injury and wrongful death cases when those reductions are based on race, gender or ethnicity.

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Upcoming Events @ SLS

November 20: Rock Center Morning Speaker Series: Trends in the IPO Market: Looking Ahead to 2020
November 21: Lunchtime Talk with Judge Diane Sykes
November 21: A Conversation with Judge Michelle Friedland ’00
November 21: The Perils of Trump’s Migrant Protection Protocols
December 5: Update on the Stanford Open Policing Project

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