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Climate Change Regulations Rollback
Professor Deborah Sivas explains the planned roll back of several key climate-change regulations, including much stricter fuel efficiency/vehicle pollution standards, and how these changes might impact greenhouse gases and climate change.
Labor Rights in the Gig Economy
Professor William B. Gould IV discusses the recently passed California Assembly Bill 5, which could upend the definition of contract employees, and objections to it by Lyft and Uber.
Terrorist Watch List
Professor Shirin Sinnar discusses the Sept. 4 district court decision that ruled that the government's watchlist of known or suspected terrorists violates the constitutional rights of American citizens.
Assault Weapons Ban
Professor John Donohue points to his empirical research in this New York Times op-ed, arguing that the assault weapons ban from 1994-2004 had a significant impact.
Mixing Law and Diplomacy
In this Stanford Lawyer profile, we look at Jordi AgustÍ-Panareda, JSM ’03, JSD ’05, Head of Unit and Coordinator for Freedom of Association at the International Labour Organization (ILO).

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