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Mass Shootings and Gun Regulation
Professor John J. Donohue, co-author of the recently published report Right-to-Carry Laws and Violent Crime discusses recent mass shootings, gun violence, and the state of gun regulation in the U.S. today.

Mueller's Testimony

Professor David Sklansky, a former federal prosecutor, discusses Special Counsel Robert Mueller's July testimony, highlights from the report, and charges that came out of the investigation.
Facebook Oversight
The Stanford Law and Policy Lab recently released recommendations for Facebook’s new oversight board for content decisions in “Creating a Social Media Oversight Board.”

Q&A with William A. Franke

William A. Franke, former CEO of America West Airlines, discusses his career in business and law and how he came to be known as a pioneer of low-cost air travel.
Stanford Law and Policy Lab students investigate how INTERPOL, the world’s largest international police organization, could bring together the international public sector to cooperate with private sector entities to tackle transnational crime.

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