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Facebook Governance and Oversight
Stanford Law Dean Jenny Martinez joins Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg for a discussion about a proposed independent oversight board for Facebook content, as well as larger questions about the power, responsibility, and governance of internet platforms.
An App to Streamline U.S. Air Force Training
Stanford Law students Phil Stiefel and Sasha Seymore team up with several Stanford graduate students to create an app to help pilots stay up-to-date on the mechanical and engineering details of their aircraft and emerging trends.

Latest Stanford Lawyer Magazine

The new issue of Stanford Lawyer is hot off the presses, with many of the articles exploring what is increasingly a global legal practice.


Vagueness Dooms Oft-Used Tool to Enhance Sentences

Suzanne Luban, who co-teaches Stanford Law’s Criminal Defense Clinic, looks at United States v. Davis, in which the Court held that the definition of “crime of violence” in the context of federal criminal prosecutions involving firearms is unconstitutionally vague. 

Goodbye Clean-Energy Plan?

Professor Deborah Sivas joins Stanford experts for a discussion on proposed changes to the Obama-era Clean Power Plan and potential impacts of the proposal.

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