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New Report Reveals Data Gaps in the Criminal Justice System

The Stanford Criminal Justice Center's new report exposes major data gaps in the California criminal justice system that inhibit critical transparency.

SCOTUS Decision on Mandatory Arbitration

Professor Robert Gordon offers his thoughts on the Supreme Court’s recent decision Lamps Plus Inc. v. Varela, noting that it “is likely to add a little momentum to the growing political opposition to forced arbitration.”

Professor Rhode on Leadership

In the latest Faculty on Point video series, Professor Deborah Rhode discusses her research that looks at character and leadership.

How Badly Could Trump Have Behaved Without Committing a Crime?

Professor Mark Kelman weighs in on the Mueller Report.

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Upcoming Events @ SLS

May 20: One Share, One Vote? A Debate on Dual-Class Share Structures
May 21: Center for Law and Biosciences Lunch Event with Robert Sapolsky, Professor of Neurology and of Neurosurgery at Stanford
May 21: Federalist Society: Regulation in Silicon Valley—A Conversation with Joe Lonsdale
May 23: Immigrating for Agriculture: Policy, Law, and Farmworkers’ Rights
May 23: Access to Justice Design for Colombia’s Constitutional Court
May 24: Con Law Center Conference: Free Speech and the Internet
May 28: Environmental Law Journal Lunch Talk with Julian Aguon
May 28: Center for Law and Biosciences Lunch Talk with Professor David Studdert
May 29: Federalist Society: From Justice to Judge
May 29: Mental Health and the Carceral State

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