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Regulating Online Terrorist Content

Center for Internet and Society's Daphne Keller, director of intermediary liability, and Joan Barata, consulting intermediary liability fellow, discuss the European Commission’s pending draft regulation of online “terrorist content” and the regulation of hateful and violent posts.

ICE Detention Bonds

New research from the Immigrants’ Rights Clinic reveals the size of the federal government’s immigration bond system and that $200 million is owed to immigrants and their families. 
Does Financial Transparency Diminish Trust in Doctors? 
In a study published by JAMA Network Open, Professor Michelle Mello found an unintended consequence of the public disclosure system: it may have diminished trust in physicians who never received payments from drug or medical device firms.

Crisis at the Border?

Professor Lucas Guttentag, founder and former national director of the American Civil Liberties Union Immigrants’ Rights Project who served as a senior immigration advisor at the Department of Homeland Security, discusses the current administration’s immigration policies and proposals. 

Clinic Students Work on Geothermal Leasing Suit

The Environmental Law Clinic filed suit in April against the federal government and Calpine Corporation in the Northern District of California in an effort to end illegal geothermal leases in the Medicine Lake Highlands.

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