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ACA Ruling

Professor Michael McConnell explains Judge Reed O'Connor's ruling overturning the Affordable Care Act and why it is unlikely to go to the Supreme Court.

Bipartisan Prison Reform Bill

Professor Robert Weisberg discusses the new prison reform bill and overcrowding in American prisons.

SLS Admissions: A 30-Year View

Read the conversation with Faye Deal, Associate Dean for Admissions, and Robert Rabin, Faculty Chair of the Admissions Committee and A. Calder Mackay Professor of Law.

Chinese Courts and U.S. Trade

Mei Gechlik, founder and director of Stanford Law School’s China Guiding Cases Project, discusses how Chinese courts can help China to address U.S. IP concerns contributing to the current trade war.

Clinic Files Immigrant Detainees Suit

The Immigrants’ Rights Clinic at SLS filed a class-action lawsuit this week to protect the rights of immigrant detainees to communicate with their attorneys.

Stanford Legal on SiriusXM

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Upcoming Events @ SLS

January 10: Federalist Society: Campaign Finance Debate
January 10: New Platform Regulations in the EU and Its Impact on Freedom of Expression
January 15: CIS Career Lunch Series: Adventures in Online Content Policymaking
January 16: Activism and the Law: a Conversation with DxE Founder, Wayne Hsiung
January 17: Professor Wolfgang Kaleck: Law Versus Power
January 17: Federalist Society: Kannon Shanmugam
January 29: Discussion with San Francisco SPCA General Counsel and Season 10 of The Apprentice winner Brandy Kuentzel
January 29: Public Symposium with Jonathan Gienapp & Panel
Apr 4: CodeX FutureLaw 2019

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