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Trump Campaign Officials Charged

Professor David Sklansky explains the indictments filed this week against Trump campaign officials stemming from the investigation led by special counsel Robert Mueller.

Studying the Real Ramifications of Fake News

In this Stanford Lawyer magazine essay, Sarah Mahmood, JD ’19, shares her research into fake news and its spread through social media. 

Technology and Policing

Students in the Stanford-Harvard Project on Technology and Policing (PTP) spent a year investigating the current state of police use of technology. The culmination of their work, four clinical papers, were presented for the first time at an October conference held at Stanford. 

Award for Environmental Sustainability

2017 Bright Award winners, Andrij and Roman Zinchenko, work to promote energy-efficiency, renewable energy, and sustainability in the Ukraine. Read the full article to learn more about their work and the Nov. 9 event in their honor.

Upcoming Events @ SLS

November 4: Shaking the Foundations
November 6: Native American Heritage Month: Implications of the Violence Against Women Act
November 6: Constitutional Conversation with Ilan Wurman, “Can a Dead Constitution Bind the Living?”
November 7: CLB Lunch Talk with Michael Gilfix
November 8: Perspectives on the New US Policy in Afghanistan
November 8: Federalist Society: Daniel Kessler and David Studdert on Health Reform
November 9: Making a FOIA Request with Aaron Glantz, a Policy Lab Workshop
November 9: 2017 Bright Award for Environmental Sustainability Panel Discussion with Andrij and Roman Zinchenko, Climate One's Greg Dalton, and others
November 13: Boots on the Ground
November 14: Social Robots Interacting with and Helping People: Key Capability, Legal, and Ethical Challenges
November 14: Federalist Society: Mike McShane on Education Reform
November 14: The Heat is on: The Rising Demand for Corporate Climate Risk Disclosures
November 15: Movie Screening and Q&A on Kashmir and Human Rights In India: Blood Leaves Its Trail (Khoon Diy Baarav)
November 16: Navigating Conflict and Conflicts of Interest in the Boardroom
November 16: Building a Fulfilling Legal Career: NetApp General Counsel Matt Fawcett on Life, Success, and the Management of Each
November 16: Leading from the Inside Out
June 24-26, 2018: Directors' College

Access full event calendar here.

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