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ReadyReturn and the SLS Tax Hero

In this NPR Planet Money segment, Professor Joseph Bankman talks about the legislative hurdles of launching ReadyReturn, a program he developed as an easy solution to filing taxes.

The Trump Administration and the Environment

Professor Deborah Sivas discusses the Trump administration’s recently announced plans for its environmental policy—including a steep cut to the EPA’s budget and the rollback of many of the Obama administration’s environmental initiatives.

Capital Punishment and the Intellectually Disabled

Professor John Donohue explains the recent SCOTUS decision Moore v. Texas, which reaffirms that the "Constitution ‘restrict[s] … the State’s power to take the life of’ any intellectually disabled individual.”

Federal Medical Liability: Time for Reform?

Professors David Studdert and Michelle Mello explore the prospects for federal medical liability reform in a New England Journal of Medicine op-ed.

Getting to Know the Criminal Justice System

In this personal essay, SLS student Zehava Robbins recounts a recent Inside Justice trip to the California Supreme Court and lessons from Justice Mariano-Florentino Cuéllar.
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Upcoming Events @ SLS

April 11: CIS Lunchtime Career Talks: Matt Cagle on Building a Career as a Civil Liberties Policy Lawyer
April 13: Lunchtime Seminar with Judge Navanethem Pillay
April 15: SPILF “Bid for Justice” Auction
April 17: Should Patent Law Be a First Amendment Issue?
April 18: Steven Wise on Philosophy Talk / Nonhuman Rights
April 19: The New Solar System: China, the United States, and How to Make Solar Power Big Enough to Matter
April 20: Activism, Short-Termism and Corporate Governance: Issues for Silicon Valley Companies
April 20: Reentry to Nothing: Urban Marginality After Mass Incarceration
April 20: Lunch talk with Alessandro De Giorgi
June 12: 14th Annual Stanford E-Commerce Best Practices Conference
June 25-27: Directors' College 2017
October 12-15: Alumni Weekend 2017

Access full event calendar here.

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