Santa Clara Campus
Sun Microsystems, Inc.,
Case Study

Teaching Notes Exhibits

1: Matrix Overview of Potential Sites Prepared by Sun

2: Regional and Vicinity maps showing Agnews site location

3: Full version of interested parties chart

4: Excerpt from Purchase Agreement relating to how Sun coordinated land use approvals and conditioned purchase of the site on acquisition of all necessary land use approvals (page 17 from Purchase Agreement, section 5.3)

5: Excerpt from Purchase Agreement relating to how non-profits currently located on the Agnews site would be relocated (page 15 from Purchase Agreement, section (h))

6: 9/18/96 memo to Bill Agnello from Sandy Sloan regarding CEQA compliance and SHPO concurrence letter requirement for state-owned historic structures

7: 8/22/96 Memo to Bill Agnello from Sandy Sloan regarding compliance with the Ralph M. Brown Act

8: Historic Easement Agreement and Access to Historic Easement Agreement, dated 9/4/98

Trial Brief of Respondent City of Santa Clara in Opposition to the Petitioner for Writ of Mandate

Sun's Overview

The Sun is About to Shine on Agnews & Santa Clara

Battling For Agnews: Families Try To Keep Santa Clara Center
From Closing, San Jose Mercury News article September 26, 2003


Potential exhibits for TN

Sun/Agnews Historical Easement Agreement, June 5, 1998

Map of Agnews Development

Fiscal Impact Analysis Sun Microsystems, Inc., Proposed Corporate
Campus Santa Clara, California, Dec. 1996

Status of Relocating West Agnews Users

Trial Brief of Real Party in Interest State of California

Sun Microsystem's Inc., Memorandum of Points and Authorities in Opposition to Writ of Mandate