Santa Clara Campus
Sun Microsystems, Inc.,
Case Study


A: Matrix Overview of Potential Sites Prepared by Sun

B: Regional and Vicinity maps showing Agnews site location

C: Senate Bill 1770, Johnston. State-owned property

D: Battling For Agnews: Families Try To Keep Santa Clara Center
From Closing
, San Jose Mercury News article September 26, 2003

E: Public Resources Code §5024.5

F: Curtin's Californai Land Use and Planning Law

G: Photos of Historic Buildings and site conditions on 02/20/98

H: Excerpts from Adaptive Re-use Study

I: Section 54950-54953 of the Ralph M. Brown Act

J: Agenda Report, January 7, 1997, containing Q & A on
Sun/Anews Proposal

K: SHPO letter, March 6, 1997

L: California Civil Code §815 concerning Conservation Easements

M: Conservation Easement Handbook

N: SHPO letter, May 28, 1997

O: General Plan Amendment & Statement of Overriding
Consideration Resolution

P: Resolution 6348 (Zoning Amendment)

Q: Development Agreement Between The City of Santa Clara and Sun
Microsystems, Inc., Sept. 4, 1998.

R: Secretary of Interior Standards Definition of Terms

S: California Government Code § 65864 - 65869.5

T: Notice of Determination

U: Petitioner’s Trial Brief in Support of Writ of Mandate,
January 30, 1998

V: Minutes of the City Council of the City of Santa Clara for meeting
held on Tuesday evening, October 14, 1997.