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Law Firms and Russian Profits

Professor Robert Daines discusses the Law Firms and Russian Profits project, which he launched on March 16 to track and highlight law firm positions on taking on new work for Russian clients or withdrawing from existing engagements.

Forced Arbitration Legislation

Professor Deborah Hensler explains the Ending Forced Arbitration of Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Act, a new law to invalidate clauses in employment agreements requiring employees to arbitrate claims of sexual assault or sexual harassment.

SEC Rules on Climate Change

Stanford Law scholars weigh in on the SEC's proposal for climate-related disclosure requirements for public companies to inform investors about the risks a changing climate poses to firms.


California Water Rights

Students in the Stanford Environmental Law Clinic supported efforts by tribes and environmental justice advocates to reframe California's water rights.


Getting to Know Fred Alvarez

Learn more about Fred Alvarez, JD ’75 (BA ’72), one of the nation’s leading employment law experts with a long record of public service and leadership in the profession, in this Stanford Lawyer 


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March 31: Inaugural Stanford Arbitration and Technology Conference
April 4: Voter Suppression and Other Threats to Democracy: What Should We Be Worried About?
April 7: CodeX FutureLaw 2022
April 14: Stanford Bright Award for Environmental Sustainability
May 2-4: Stanford Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO) Symposium

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