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Suing the Opioid Companies

Professors Michelle Mello and Nora Freeman Engstrom explain the scope of the opioid problem and discuss the latest cases and legal challenges.

SCOTUS Nominee Brett Kavanaugh

Professor Michael McConnell discusses Judge Brett Kavanaugh and his potential to bring "middle principles" to the Court.

Guns and Public Health

Professor David Studdert discusses new JAMA research on the health consequences of widely available firearms.

Strengthening Rule of Law

Stanford Law students discuss their work in the Rule of Law Program, applying legal skills to projects that make a difference around the globe, from Rwanda to Afghanistan.

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Upcoming Events @ SLS

September 7: Litigating Patents Effectively
September 17: Constitution Day with guest Erwin Chemerinsky
September 20: Condos on Lanai, Private Planes, and Electric Cars
September 25: Leonardo Art Science Evening Rendezvouz (LASERs)
September 27: Federalist Society: Word Limits – Why Textualism Constrains Judges
October 2: Lunch time talk with Jeff Toobin
October 4: 2018 Bright Award for Environmental Sustainability
October 11: Lawyers as Leaders: David Sanford
October 15: Supreme Court Roundup
October 25-28: Alumni Weekend

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125th Anniversary

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